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Online Physical Therapy

​Stop living with neck pain, dizziness, and headaches.

Reduce Neck Pain

Eliminate Headaches

Improve Posture

The Old Way Doesn't Work

Are you frustrated by being blown off by every medical provider you've talked to? Have you had all the tests, tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and have been told...

everything is normal


Are you trying to get back to living pain free?

Are you ready to get back to exercising, driving, playing with your kids, working, traveling with your spouse, being able to cook and take care of yourself… Without feeling terrible?!

Let me help.


Video chat to figure out exactly what is going on and how I can help.


Receive a unique daily plan telling you exactly what to do.


Daily communication and weekly video visits. Get the guidance you need.

"Each body is different. Therefore, each rehabilitation must be different."
— Joerg Teichmann

The Align Method

Dr. Drew Haley -  Physical Therapist

I began this company after dealing with cervicogenic dizziness. 

The goal was simple​...give people the help I would have wanted when I was dealing with this. 

Hear more about my story and how I've helped 100's of people dealing with dizziness and pain. 






Cassie F

"I had been dealing with chronic dizziness, vestibular migraines, and occasional vertigo for many years before I came across Dr. Drew. With these issues, I had so much anxiety and exhaustion around small every day tasks....

I’m getting back to living my life, going on vacations, driving, able to take care of myself and my household with minimal issues if any… truly such a gift! Not only am I significantly less symptomatic (even days 95% symptom free!)"

Katie C.

"Always felt dizzy couldn’t cook in my kitchen if I turned around the room felt like it was spinning. I would almost feel like the room was tilted in some but not necessarily spinning. I had two more short vertigo episodes about 10 seconds each over two weeks. My anxiety was through the roof.

You can spin your wheels in and out of PT’s that don’t understand vestibular issues or you can invest in your health and feel better! Dr. Drew will guide you through all the scary stuff and get you back to doing the stuff you love! Hire him you won’t regret it"

Nicole S

"For years I have had vertigo and brain fog and it slowly started getting worse. This past year it was pretty severe and starting to affect my life. I could no longer drive or go into busy environments without getting really anxious and overwhelmed.


 I found Dr. Drew on Instagram and immediately booked a consultation. I'm so happy I did - these past few months have been so great."

Ready to Get Aligned?

Schedule your free discovery call to see if the Align Method is right for you.

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