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Dr. Andrew Haley

I’m Dr. Drew, a Physical Therapist and business owner.

📌At this point in my career, I only treat a few things…

Mainly, Cervicogenic Dizziness (along with the neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, and PPPD, which it so often causes).

Why? There’s a few reasons but the biggest is I truly feel a responsibility for helping people going through it.


📌Five years ago, I had a massive flare up in dizziness that made life pretty rough. It was scary, and I couldn’t get clear answers on what was causing it.

Going through this caused a ton of fear, anxiety, and in general for 18 months it really sucked.

I finally found a PT who accurately diagnosed it as Cervicogenic Dizziness and visual dependence (Basically PPPD). She put together a plan, helped guide me through it, and…

I “got my life back”. It sounds dramatic, but if you've been there, you know what I mean. Being dizzy can make you feel like someone completely different.


📌Now, my goal is to give people going through this what I would have wanted. Clear answers, a clear plan, daily guidance, and honestly, emotional support.

The people who find me are usually frustrated by being blown off by every medical provider they’ve talked to, had all the tests and have been told “everything's normal”. They’re trying to get back to their old lives…

Exercising, driving, playing with their kids, working, traveling with their spouse, being able to cook and take care of themselves… Without feeling terrible.


📌If that sounds like you, a great next step would be checking out the free webinar I made called “Root Cause”.

In it I talk in much more depth about how your neck can cause dizziness, PPPD, anxiety, and go through a framework of how you get your life back.

If you made it here, thanks for checking out the page. I truly wish you the best in your journey, and hope you can start to consider me to be a trusted guide along the way 🙌


Dr. Drew has his B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Chico State and his 

Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Wisconsin - Madison.

He has helped 100's of people dealing with neck pain and dizziness. 

Neck Pain & Dizziness

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